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Library Staff

Karen Bays-Winslow, Director

Kim Scott, Children’s Librarian

Beth Gwin, Library Assistant

Dale Scott, Library Assistant/Maintenance


Board of Trustees

Trina Gulde, President

Ryan Parrish, Vice President

Kris Bex, Treasurer

Judy Huddleston, Secretary

Elaine Potter, Member

Debbie Prather, Member


History Room Volunteers

Jill King

Patty Hersberger

Susie Gabbard

Leah Huddleston

Maggie Hormel

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History Museum and Archives

The History Museum and Archives of the Cambridge City Public Library is dedicated to collecting and preserving papers, photographs and artifacts of the history of the Western Wayne area. Historical documents of Cambridge City and the surrounding area, genealogy information, yearbooks, and newspapers dating from the early 1800’s are among the many things available.


It is open to the public on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2 to 4 PM or by appointment. The museum is staffed by volunteers: Patty Hersberger, Susie Gabbard, Leah Huddleston and Jill King and Maggie Hormel.


All gifts to the History Museum are tax deductible. Acceptance of gifts does not guarantee permanent display of all objects. The staff and Library Board are not appraisers for tax purposes. Obviously, displays must be changed and therefore may not always be displayed together. Some materials disintegrate under constant exposure to light and space must be made for new contributions to keep exhibits interesting.


The History Museum will be open to the public on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2 to 4 PM if a volunteer, staff member or board member is present.  A request by an individual or group for access to the History Room, at another time can be arranged with the library staff, volunteers or board members. No one is permitted to be in the History Museum at any time without a staff member, volunteer or board member present.


No materials can be taken from the History Museum without the permission of the head librarian or board member. If a particular photograph or manuscript is chosen to be reproduced, then a member of the library staff will do it and charge for the expense involved.

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